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About Us

We're great believers in the power of exercise and movement to grow healthy and happy kids. That's why we jumped at the opportunity to get involved in Gyminis in early 2021. Our own children had both loved Gyminis sessions at their daycare, and we're excited to carry Gyminis into a new era.

Our philosophy is driven by Play-Based Learning; children who are enjoying themselves, pushing boundaries and taking appropriate risks will naturally learn and grow in confidence. 


Gemma is a registered primary school teacher with 12 years of teaching experience in New Zealand and overseas. She loves being on the road each day bringing Gyminis to kids and seeing them smile and grow.



Chris brings a range of business and software experience to Gyminis. His focus is more behind the scenes, helping to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes things like systems, accounts, equipment maintenance and the website.

Community Says

What our community says about us

Gyminis is a fun and exciting movement programme that children of most ages between 1.5 – 5 years of age will enjoy and benefit from. We get Gyminis in to our centre as an extra curricular activity. We find the owners Gemma and Chris to be super passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Gemma is a trained teacher and therefore relates really well to our children and helps them to have the best time. Gemma provides children with opportunities to explore safe risk, gross motor development, hand-eye coordination, listening skills, social skills and fun. As a team we love Gemma running the classes and we enjoy supporting her and our tamariki.


Nicola, Centre Manager

Elm Tree Early Learning Centre

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