Photography & Digital Privacy

Taking photos and recording video is an important way to record moments of fun, achievement and learning at Gyminis. This policy sets out how we use photo and video recording responsibly and respectfully.


  • Photos/videos are only to be recorded with a Gyminis device - no personal phones or cameras.

  • Photos/videos may be recorded by host centre staff with centre devices - such recordings are the property and responsibility of the centre and this policy does not apply to them.  

  • Registering a child for Gyminis includes acceptance that recordings may be taken of that child. This includes both as the main subject of a photo or video, or in the background.

  • Photos or videos recorded by Gyminis will never be sold.

  • Photos or videos recorded by Gyminis will never be shared or published publicly (including on the Gyminis website, social media, or in printed promotional materials) without the express permission of a parent or legal guardian of the child(ren) in the recording.

  • Permission to share or publish photos or videos may be granted by a parent or guardian for an entire term as part of registration, or on a one-off basis for individual recordings.

  • Gyminis reserves the right to publicly use photos (only) where children are in no way identifiable (e.g. from behind, no face showing, etc).

  • Where appropriate, Gyminis may select photos/videos to privately share with parents/guardians. These recordings may have other children in the background - such recordings would only be shared with parents/guardians of other Gyminis participants at the centre.

  • Photos and videos are stored and shared via the Google Photos cloud-based service.

  • Photos and videos that Gyminis does not have permission to publish will be deleted within 90 days of being taken.

  • Photos and videos shared with parents/guardians may also be deleted to manage storage space, after at least 14 days warning via email.

  • Photos and videos shared publicly by parents (e.g. on social media) should credit Gyminis as the source, either via tagging the appropriate social media account or the website.

  • Parents can update or cancel sharing permissions at any time by emailing