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Parents & Caregivers

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Gyminis in our house!  Our daughter is beaming each week she has it.  We have to tell her how many sleeps until the next session! 

Anna & Kyle

Want to get your child involved?

Your child will love Gyminis! Our sessions are all about moving bodies, building confidence and learning new skills. There's music, dance and some amazing equipment to play on, all of which helps to develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Being part of a Gyminis class also develops listening skills, social skills and a sense of adventure. 

Every 10-week term has a new focus or theme, such as Core Strength & Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination, Ball Sports or Stretching & Gymnastics.

Where can I do Gyminis?

Gyminis sessions are hosted within Early Childhood Education centres. Check out our current community of centres.

How do classes work?

Gyminis classes run weekly, for around 30 minutes, with class sizes ranging from 8 to 12 children. We start with a warmup dance, move into skill activities related to our theme, then finish with apparatus play. Children are taught how to use all equipment correctly and safely.


How do I keep up to date?

We take photos and videos regularly, and give you complete control over how we share or use them. It's all covered in our Photography and Digital Privacy Policy.

How is my child kept safe?

We take all reasonable steps to ensure everyone's safety. Check out our Safety Rules and our Terms and Conditions.

What does it cost?

A 10 week term of Gyminis costs $95 including GST. Weekly payment options are also available. Online payments are securely handled by Stripe, the world's premier online payments platform.

Where do I sign up?

You can register your child right now on our booking page!

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